Monchique 510 ml

  • 100% natural
  • Alkaline with a pH of 9.5.
  • Natural anti-oxidant with an ORP value of -137 mV na origin.

Other reasons why you should opt for our water:

  • The elegance and sophistication of our new packaging will add significant value to the decoration of your lunch or dinner table, your work secretary or your headboard.
  • In the PET range (plastic certified for food use), all bottles incorporate 30% RPET (recycled plastic).
  • Still in the PET range we have the first 100% Recycled 720 ml sports bottle.
  • The new product for 10L bag-in-box families with less than 63% plastic compared to the plastic used to produce two 5L jugs.
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Physico-chemical composition Typical value (average)
pH 9.5
Silica (mg/L of SiO2 -) 8.5
Chloride (mg/L of Cl-) 39
Bicarbonate (mg/L of HCO3-) 116
Nitrate (mg/L of NO3 -) <0.3
Sodium (mg/L of Na+) 115
Magnesium (mg/L of Mg2+) <0.1
Total Mineralization (mg/L) 359
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